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While this is no cinematic tour-de-force, it was fun to put this together at high speed. When the headlines hit Shraga Simmons from immediately started on the script. We went to Ashdod and posted the next day. With over 175,000 views (and growing) it’s nice to know we’re doing our part to defend Israel from media bias.

In truth, I’m not sure how I feel about the conclusion and the idea of “suicide activists”. Are they “suicide activists” or just misguided idealists willing to die for their cause? Were the Jews who died on Masada “suicide activists”? Are the pawns in chess (and their real life counterparts) “suicidal” or just chancing death in the name of a cause? Feel free to post your comments and thoughts, but let’s try to keep things civil! Ultimately, this is a filmmaking blog and not a political blog. 🙂


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