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Very excited to be releasing our first Passover film of the season (stay tuned as there’s more to come!). This was an especially exciting project as I got to work with some very funny writers and talented actors. It’s a real treat when a project like this comes my way.

We shot the piece in about 5 hours one night last week. With over 70 shots listed we were really moving fast, but still had a little time for ad-libbing and fun. In order to save time and not have to reset the lights for each camera angle, I setup the lights basically like I did in my first 16mm color-sync film production in college: china bulbs over the table. We used two, hanging just out of the frame above the table.

The movie was written by comedians Yisrael Campbell and Mo Kamioner with input by myself and Aryeh Ben David

Bernie, the seder leader, is played by Chanan Elias
Joey, the brother, is played by comedian Benji Lovitt
Joey’s wife is played by the very talented actress Nikki Simon
Bernie’s wife is played by Judith Pieprz
Robbie, their son, is played by Sraya Goldstein of the world famous Goldstein Family
Moonshine, the kabbalah girl, is played by Avital Macales
Fred, the chametz guy, is brought to life by Bruce Shaffer
Max, the sleeping guy is played by Mo Kamioner (who also did the dog’s voice)

Camerawork was done by Aviv Vana
Sound by Jon Singer (who production managed Whisper in the Trees)

A big thanks to Aryeh Ben David, the man behind this project and


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