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Okay, so I’m posting my Passover video two months late… I’ve been busy!

I pitched this idea to in between setups while interviewing a retired US general. I didn’t think they would go for it, but, always desperate for a Passover movie, they agreed. It was tons of fun asking friends and colleagues for their recommendations of scenes to include. I’ve done a few videos where I get to strong movie clips together, one for Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (they gave me a cool leather briefcase when I finished as a gift.. take note clients!) and one for David Weiss (Shrek 2, Rugrats Movie, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius). I love stringing the clips together and seeing how you can use the music and visuals in each clip to weave them together.

My only regrets are that they wouldn’t let me put the scene from Shawshank Redemption when he finally breaks out or the “FREEDOM” scene from Braveheart (their policy is no uncovered body parts and no anti-Semites).

Post your comments to recommend the movie clips I missed!


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