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Subtle Notes

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The following blog post is by "guest writer" Miriam Ani: It all started with a trip to the emergency room. Soldier and singer/songwriter Hayim Ani (eZra) was washing dishes one evening and sliced through the fou...

Chanukah: Rock of Ages

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"Chanukah: Rock of Ages" is a meta parody: a parody of Chanukah parody songs and the Jewish holiday parody songs in general that have become so common in the last few years. After Rosh Hashana Rock Anthem got 1...

Rosh Hashanah Rock Anthem

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2.57K Views0 Comments just released our new video, Rosh Hashanah Rock Anthem! This video couldn't have been more fun to create with 5 talented dancers and an amazing parkourist running wild in the streets of the old city of...

Wave Your Flag Lip Dub

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I don't like to make "viral videos" because there's no knowing what will or will not go viral. But, when asked for a viral video for Israel Independence Day, I thought if anything had a chance of going viral ...

What If Moses Had Facebook

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With over 2 million hits from the English, Spanish, and Hebrew versions of this movie I thought it might be time to post it to my blog. This piece was written by and I worked to design and animate it w...

Passover Seder

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Very excited to be releasing our first Passover film of the season (stay tuned as there's more to come!). This was an especially exciting project as I got to work with some very funny writers and talented actors. It...

Whisper of the Trees

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Here's the music video I did with my good friend Hayim Ani for his song Whisper of the Trees. The video is one seamless 20-minute long shot. The original song was slowed down 20% and then our footage was sped up 5x t...

Project Interchange

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Project Interchange wanted a visually and stylistically engaging video to promote their program. Without any video footage, and hoping to convey a broad spectrum of concepts and information about their program, we ha...


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I've spent the last half a year editing the film Iranium. The film explores the history of the current regime ruling Iran, their oppression of the Iranian people, the threat the regime poses to the US and the world, ...

8 Days Music Video

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Nefesh B'Nefesh wanted to make a music video for Hanukkah. So they wrote new lyrics to Matisyahu's One Day, wrote a script, and asked me to film it. Unfortunately, I was in the home stretch of editing Iranium and co...

Organ Donation Commercial

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I'm very excited to finally be releasing the commercial I created for the Halachic Organ Donor Society. This organization wanted a powerful, non-traditional commercial to not only promote organ donation, but educate ...

My Heart Is In The East

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This is a new film created initially in Hebrew for soldiers visiting the Western Wall. We then adapted the film for general audiences. I had the good fortune of working with Aviv Vana of Studio Aviv who did the ci...

Tipping Point

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A new piece for the Jewish New Year. Happy holidays from Shoot East!

Nefesh B’Nefesh Preview

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Here's a fun little piece I did with Nefesh B'Nefesh to promote the live webcasts of their summer flights to Israel.

Old News but Good News

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Okay, so I'm posting my Passover video two months late... I've been busy! I pitched this idea to in between setups while interviewing a retired US general. I didn't think they would go for it, but, always...

Elephants for Hebrew School

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When Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin asked me to help him produce some wacky videos for his blog, I had no idea some of the weird things he would ask me to do. Floating chickens, strange backgrounds, sounds effects and more. The...

Simple Song for Israel

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Sometimes you just want some fun music, some pretty pictures, and a short video about Israel. Sam Glazer performs a song by Mitch Julis, composed by Bobby Darin, with images from A catchy tune for ...

Suicide Activists on the Gaza Flotilla

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While this is no cinematic tour-de-force, it was fun to put this together at high speed. When the headlines hit Shraga Simmons from immediately started on the script. We went to Ashdod and posted th...

Israel: Defying the Odds

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As soon as we started work on Israel: Defying the Odds, I knew we were going to go viral. These "Israel statistics" movies always seem to pass around even though they usually come in the form of power points presenta...

Bankrupting Terror

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One of the projects I get to work on that I am most proud of is the Heroes of Israel series on  I get to meet amazing people all around Israel, help promote their causes, and show the world the amazing thing...

Seminary Video

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EYAHT wanted a promotional video that would be different from other seminaries. So, I pitched a poetic concept that would focus more on showing the vision of EYAHT through text and visuals rather than on interviews a...

My Syrian Friend

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Several years ago, Rabbi Noach Weinberg z"l told a story in a class which happened to be recorded. A few months ago we decided to take that story and turn it into a cartoon narrated by his recording. Without the bud...

Chihuly Video in Short

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We now have two versions of the time lapse video of the making of the Dale Chihuly sculpture. One version has been posted on YouTube (see below) and is just about how the sculpture was made. The second will be insta...

The Making of the Flash Mob

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With over 150,000 views in just over a week, the Nefesh B'Nefesh Flash Mob video seems to have gone totally viral. NBN has been receiving many questions on how the piece was put together, so we edited this short vide...

Jerusalem Flash Mob

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The wild and crazy people at Nefesh B'Nefesh, an organization that promotes immigration to Israel, decided that a flash mob was just the thing they needed to kick off their winter advertising campaign. You've got to h...

Hanukkah Flash Mob Update

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While the people at Nefesh B'Nefesh seemed to think our flash mob video would get 300-5,000 hits in the next two weeks, I told them we'd hed 15k within 36 hours of posting the video. I was off by 3k... because we hit ...


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I was asked to direct a cartoon narrated by a recording of the late Rabbi Noach Weinberg z"l. Unable to invest the necessary budget for a full cartoon, we decided to hire an illustrator to draw images of each shot of ...

Aish Chihuly

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3 Cameras, 5 days, about 500 pieces of glass, and 1 big sculpture.Dale Chihuly, master glass artist, created a piece for Aish HaTorah's new building. The Jerusalem Post said that Fire and Water "is arguably one of th...