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Technion Passover

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Technion-Israel Institute of Technology tells the Passover story in a very new way....Technion where miracles are brought to life!

The Butterfly Effect

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Animated video for Chofetz Haim Heritage Foundation.

EGD Effects Montage

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Just a selection of shots we love from one of our clients.

The EGD Sharing Model

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A video for an investor presentation.  We didn't write the script, but we love the animation!

Jerusalem U Promo

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A complex single shot production combined with exciting kinetic typography.


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Schusterman Foundation

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A unique video highlighting the visionary founder of the Schusterman Family Foundation.

The Man Who Taught Me To Fly

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A short educational film for pre-teens that mixes animation and live-action.

40k Words

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A lesson in using every words to its utmost.

Angry Birds

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This short video is part of an educational curriculum.  The section this video is featured in is about controlling your emotions.

סקירה רחבה של אש התורה

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בדקות ספורות של טיפוגרפיה קינטית, סרטון זה מסביר את החזון הרחב של אש התורה.

Aish HaTorah Overview

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A video explaining the broad vision of Aish HaTorah in just a few minutes of kinetic typography.

Book Preview

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Animated book preview for the new book, The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture, by Yoram Hazony.

The Power of Prayer

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A short video to be played opposite the Western Wall at the Aish HaTorah World Center.

It Takes Two – Peace In The Middle East

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An original animated musical about the need for a partner in peace.

Step Up for Israel

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Kinetic typography video promoting

Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation

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A promo for anti-bullying curricula for the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation.

Google Exodus

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With over 2 million views, this Passover viral video showed how the story of the exodus from Egypt may have looked in the digital age.

Israel as a House

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Kinetic typography and 3D animation come together to explain misconceptions about Israel and how Project Interchange works to educate people from around the world about Israel.

5 Ways to Misery

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The 5 steps to achieving misery.

Passover Again?!

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Passover with the family or Hawaii and freedom?

My Syrian Friend

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A years old recording of the late Rabbi Noach Weinberg is transformed to tell a powerful story of friendship.

JOU Logo

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Logo animation for


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As Palestinians prepare to celebrate the unilateral declaration of a state, this short film is a satirical looks at the history of Palestinian "celebrations."