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3 Cameras, 5 days, about 500 pieces of glass, and 1 big sculpture.

Dale Chihuly, master glass artist, created a piece for Aish HaTorah’s new building. The Jerusalem Post said that Fire and Water “is arguably one of the most significant works of glass art to be permanently exhibited in Jerusalem.”

I was tasked with creating a time lapse video of the construction. So, we bought 100 tapes, got 3 cameras (alas, 2 were only 1-chip cameras), and my colleague Ben Katz spent 5 days rolling tape. 1 camera was kept stationary wide; another stationary full; and the last moved around for different close ups (fyi, if you’re going 1-chip, I think Canon‘s are great, or at least the cheapo ones are relatively great, while I wasn’t impressed with our Sharp 1-chip).

I had to quickly throw something together, so here is just one camera sped up 80,000 percent with a little juxtaposition in the sound track.

The final video will be a 16×9 frame split screen with one side what you see here and the other side a combo of the other two cameras, high speed and regular speed, along with an interview of one of the guys who built it and maybe someone describing the symbolism of the piece.

But until then…


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