Video Production
Shoot East provides full service video production from concept and pre-production to production, post-production, and distribution. Our production experience includes promotional videos, feature length and short documentaries, narrative films, and educational videos. Shoot East’s versatile cameramen shoot in HD video with available green screen, dolly, crane, Steadicam, and slider. Editing is performed in Final Cut Studio, Avid, and Adobe Premiere with titles and animation in After Effects and Maya.

Shoot East’s animated work includes logo animations, animated elements for live action and documentaries, and fully animated short films. Working in Adobe After Effects and Maya Shoot East can provide a broad range of animated solutions to fit any client’s needs.

Companies, organizations, and filmmakers turn to Shoot East for consulting on video and film production as well as marketing strategies. With expertise in story structure, viral videos and educational films we seek to help our clients at any stage of their production process.